Welcome to Episcopal Village



Episcopal Village (EPV) is a mission initiative, network and community, providing mission learning events for Episcopal/ Anglican dioceses, cathedrals, parishes, clergy and lay leaders in 'mission shaped' and 'fresh expression' outreach, church planting, ministry starts and leadership development, deeply rooted in Anglican tradition and ethos, and using a 'village' (diocesan) approach.

EPV offers diocesan clergy conferences on emerging mission, Diocesan Mission Events, Missio short courses provided on campus at Episcopal Seminaries, Missio short immersions courses (hosted in Seattle WA or Portland, Oregon), training and support for pioneer missioners/ emerging church planters.

About Episcopal Village

Brian McLaren has said this about the Episcopal Village vision: 

It's interesting to imagine how differently history would have unfolded if  John Wesley and the Methodist movement had been welcomed and given space for needed long-term innovation within the Anglican communion. The Episcopal Church in the USA, by wisely and courageously charting a path of breadth and inclusion in recent years, is well-placed for a kind of historical "do-over" now, at this "kairos" moment. In the coming years, hundreds, hopefully many thousands of new faith communities will be born. Could space be created for them, within the great tradition represented by the Episcopal Church, to form, experiment, innovate, grow, and serve?  EPV could be a catalyst for exactly that sort of possibility to be realized.'


We have also learned from President Obama, and from community organizers, that grassroots organizing builds community and ownership. Grassroots mission training and development within our dioceses, is an egalitarian approach that is sustainable and empowering for all of our parishes, as when personal ownership of mission happens in a village, movements are born and transformation begins. 

The average Episcopalian is around 62 years old. The average American citizen is around 33 years old. There is a large 'gap' that needs to be bridged, and the kairos for this is now.

We are convinced that part of the solution is to cultivate, seed, and plant new and fresh expressions of church that are 'native' to emerging postmodern culture, and to help established parishes and leaders re:fresh and re:tool, for missional engagement in the 'Great Emergence.'

We are seeking partnership and support from others in the Episcopal Church (diocesan Bishops, parish clergy, lay leaders, The Church Center, The Episcopal Church Foundation, Cathedral Deans, Endowed Parishes... all who are excited to invest in the future of our church.

We are hopeful that grassroots, emerging leaders within the Episcopal Church will be blessed and released to incubate new and fresh forms of church and mission, and trusted with oversight of resources to cultivate new ministries capable of navigating today's culture and reaching out to today's generations 'peer to peer.'