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What is Episcopal Village?

Episcopal Village is a grassroots initiative and community, supporting dioceses, parishes and leaders in 'mission shaped,' 'fresh expression' outreach, church planting, ministry starts and leadership development, with an Anglican ethos, and a 'village' (diocesan approach).

EPV was visioned by Jon Myers (a postulant and Pioneer Missioner in the Diocese of Olympia) planting bEkON Collective in south Seattle and Karen Ward (an Episcopal priest and planter of Church of the Apostles, in the Fremont district of north Seattle).

The village is 'populated' by Episcopalians engaging emerging church and mission who partner to identify, resource and support emerging/fresh expression leaders and communities within the Episcopal Church. It takes a village to raise a child; and it takes a church village to raise new churches and new forms of mission.

The village is a new way for mission shaped dioceses to be cultivated, mission shaped Episcopal communities to be conceived and developed, and  missional leaders to be trained, resourced and sustained by an ongoing network and community of support.

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Who are the Leaders of EPV?

The Rev. Karen M. Ward is the Director of Episcopal Village.

EPV Board of Directors

Advisory Board 

How does EPV work?  

EPV works in partnership with Episcopal Dioceses, Bishops and seminaires to plan and curate The School for Congregational Mission, diocesan and regional mission events, clergy conferences, seminary short courses, practica, and pioneer missioner training and residencies.

EPV also curates mission learning residencies for clergy on sabbatical or seeking to develop new skills for mission and ministry in 'great emergence' culture.

Donations to EPV fund EPV programs and operations and provide for The EPV Pioneer Fellows Program.

What is 'new' or innovative about Episcopal Village?

EPV Innovation is 'P2P'

EpV is unique is that it is grassroots conceived, developed and guided, by experienced, entreprenurial, emerging/fresh expressions missional leaders and practitioners in the Episcopal Church.

A similar initiative has been established in the Church of Englandcalled Fresh Expressions. In EPV we refer to 'emerging/fresh expressions' of church and mission.

In the future, EPV seeks to administer a seed grants program to help fund emerging/fresh expressions of church across TEC. Dioceses would then apply for seed funding to supplement local funding available for their projects.

It is our belief that sound determinations can be made for start up funding of entreprenurial and generative Episcopal mission projects, by having a grants board that includes generative, Episcopal mission entrepreneurs. Thus, EPV aims to be an authentic,  'peer2peer' ecosystem for emerging mission leadership training, support, development and resourcing for the Episcopal Church.